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Travelling in a country like Namibia
can be quite overwhelming.

Having all sorts of questions, queries & unknowns...

How do I get around? Is it safe to travel? What is the culture & people like?
What would be the ideal attractions, restaurants and activities for me?
What do I do in case of an emergency?

You could surely use a Buddy with some local inside knowledge & understanding

Travel Guide


I'm Travel Buddy, 24/7 local travel advice & assistance here to help with... travel challenges, queries & emergencies, what to see & do where to eat, drink, shop & buy where to stay & how to get around

I'm your local mobile

I am your local mobile travel guide and personal 24/7 call centre

Together with my knowledgeable, multilingual tribe at the call centre, I am at your service 24/7.

Need restaurant bookings, travel insurance, roadside assistance, emergency medical evacuations, embassy contact details, travel arrangements or even a new pair of shoes for your dunes & desert exploration tour - whatever it may be, as your Travel Buddy - I am here to help.


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I am here to help...


I am here to help...

assist & support you with all types of emergencies medical, search & rescue, legal, theft, auto, lost documents

connect & inform you about anything “lekker” (adj. good, fun) in Namibia (what to do, where to buy, what to see, where to eat & drink, where to stay)

notify & update you about what's important to you, (events, activity specials, promotions and travel news)

quote & arrange any of your travel desires (accommodation, tours, activities, rental cars, flights, restaurant reservations or anything else on your Namibian bucket list)

guide & serve you in and around Namibia, (maps, location pinpointing, local insight and info, what’s hot & what’s not)

insure & cover you for peace of mind during your Namibian adventure (travel insurance, medical evacuations, car breakdown, theft, loss, legal)

source & negotiate quality deals (freebies/vouchers and promotions from vetted Namibian hospitality
service providers)

App Features

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Connect with local businesses. Get access to information, videos, news updates and chat directly with service providers.

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Pay Buddy: Scan & pay. Easy verification & payment process

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All chats, messages & notifications from Buddy or a connected business will appear in the Message Center.

Ask Buddy!

Anything you need in Namibia! Text, voice or phone!

Emergency Assistance

Need help? Press this button to trigger an emergency response request and pin point your location

Buddy Pages

Digital brochures where businesses share genuine, valuable information including your personal travel itinerary - travel without paper and save a tree (or three).

Fauna, flora, maps & general guides to Namibia all loaded here for your convenience and ease of reference!

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Simply download me in your app store and ask a question by text, voice or phone. I am eager to help with whatever you need. I am eager to help with whatever you need.


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